dammit is a simple de novo transcriptome annotator. It was born out of the observations that annotation is mundane and annoying, all the individual pieces of the process exist already, and the existing solutions are overly complicated or rely on crappy non-free software.

"Keep at it, it builds character!" -- Calvin's Dad

Your PI, wistfully thinking back on Perl 4

Science shouldn’t suck for the sake of sucking, so dammit attempts to make this sucky part of the process suck a little less.

dammit is free and open source, and has been built around a free and open source ecosystem. As such, programs which the author does not consider free enough have been eschewed as dependencies. This can either mean programs with nonfree licenses or programs which are overly difficult to install and configure – we believe that access is a part of openness.


Authors:Camille Scott